vineri, ianuarie 22, 2010

I wish this winter would last for ever

I wish this winter could last for ever.
I wish that everything would freeze,
surrounded by the icy water
to fell silent like the lonely dead threes.

I wish to hide my fears in ice castles
to burry them deep underneath.
I wish every day to be amazed and baffled
by the soft sound of your cold heartbeat.

I would like all words to crumble
letter by letter, morpheme by morpheme
and snow to reign over the humble
the righteous, the saint, the meek.

Imagine preluata fara acord de la Manu. Dar sunt sigur ca el ar fi de acord. Apropo. Felicitari Manu. Ai talent. Si nu-s vorbe goale. Tine-te de facut poze! 

2 comentarii:

Diana spunea...

ah mai M. e geniala poezia asta!!!! GENIALA!!!!

manu spunea...

mersi mai mircea ca tiai permis sa iei poza ;)) si mersi pt ce ai zis, si acuma urmeaza sa citesc poezia ;)