sâmbătă, mai 09, 2009


nu cred ca ati auzit vreodata de poetesa Komachi. nici eu nu am auzit/citit/pana nu am dat de ea peste un site. A trait in Japonia cu vreo 800 de ani inaintea erei noastre. poezia ei e... de fapt va las pe voi sa o gustati.

(de dragul poeziei am lasat versurile in traducerea lor in engleza. nu am vrut sa le stirbesc si mai tare dand o traducere grabita si aproximativa)

                 On such a night as this
When no moon lights your way to me,
I wake, my passion blazing,
My breast a fire raging, exploding flame
While within me my heart chars.
(Tr. Earl Miner)

The flowers withered
Their color faded away
While meaninglessly
I spent my days in the world
And the long rains were falling.
(Tr. Donald Keene)

Though I visit him
In my dreams,
The sum of all those meetings
Is less than a single waking glimpse.
(Tr. Helen Craig McCullough)

Am luat versurile de aici.

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